Weekly Training Rundown, Jan. 28-F mets piazza jersey eb. 3

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Another cold week here in the District. And another week of me focusing on building up my swimming base. Monday (Feb. 4) is the beginning of my training for the Rev3 Wlliamsburg triathlon (half Ironman distance). Starting a training plan the day after a Super Bowl party is … less than ideal. But I'm excited. It will mark the first time I've ever used a real training plan for a tri (in the pas st. louis cardinals mlb jersey discount t I've just kinda pieced real madrid jersey 2022/23 vini jr together my own workouts, never 100% confident in what I was doing). But with this plan, through DC Tri Club, I have detailed workouts from now until the race in June, access to a coach and specialized clinics and seminars. Let the fun begin.

Onto the week that was:

Tuesday – 1800-yard swim Wednesday – 40-minute tempo run (4.9 miles). 15 minutes easy, 15 minutes hard, 10 minutes easy. Thursday – 1000-yard swim Saturday – 2734-yard swim. Longest swim in … in probably a year, maybe more. Sunday – 4.5-mile run in 38:20 (8:31) pace. Just a light run tWomen's Clothingo clear sSweatshirtsome room for Super Bowl eating.


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Mary Cain Shatters Prep 2-Mile Record | Runner's World & Running Times
New York high school junior Mary Cain added another AWatchesmerican prep record to her collection Saturday night, as she ran 9:38.68 for two miles at the New Balance Grand Prix in Boston.

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Kawauchi Runs Marathon Course Record In Japan
Yuki Kawauchi prevailed in the 62nd Beppu-Oita Marathon over the weekend. The Japanese runner, who tampa bay nfl jersey barnes holds down a full-time job, won in a thrilling race against rival Kentaro Nakamoto.

Galindez, Wurtele top Panama 70.3 – Slowtwitch.com

Forty-one year old Oscar Galindez of Argentina posted the best bike split and run against a talented field and Heather Wurtele of Canada used a race-fastest bike split and 2nd-best run to win Ironman 70.3 Panama.

How Often Should You Run After Riding?

In triathlon, there’s no choice: You have to run (or at least walk) after riding your bike to reach the finish line.

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