Stride Na tampa bay nfl jersey dresses tion Is Back

Galen Rupp celebrating the return of Stride Nation

Galen Rupp celebrating the return of Stride Nation
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In mid-July, when I was given the go-ahead to re-ignite Stride Nation, I wanted to provide not only detailed coverage of the sport, but also fill a need in the coverage of running on the internet for fun, less-rigorous analysis complete with GIFs, memes, and general internet silliness. After providing a week of coverage of the World Championships in Beijing, I realized that such a task was too big for a solo undertaking.

Fortunately, that undertaking no longer seems so daunting. We have added a new writer to the site and we are both excited for wh real madrid jersey under 20 at Stride Nation can become, especially as we find ourselv st. louis cardinals mlb jersey blue es in the midst of an Olympic year. While the Olympics are the proximate cause for the revival of the site, our vision of the site remains set beyond thaNHL Fights Cancert one, albeit maj real madrid jersey purple or, event.

In addition to our coverage of major events–U.S. OlympNFL Dog Jerseys ic Trials, Rio 2016, major marathons, and the Diamond League–we will bring daily coverage and commentary on all things running-related. Are you in the dark about proper running etiquette? We'll have some answers. Do you want to know about the best running products on the market? We can share our preferences. Do you want GIFs of Ashton Eaton jumping over a wall or Usain Bolt getting trucked by a segway? We'll give you those laughs.

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"Who will be delivering on these lofty promises?," you ask. Let me introduce you to our two-man wrecking crew.

Eric Chesterton (me)

I ran cross country and track when I attended high school in South Jersey. I continued that journey at Haverford College, where I was a four-year presence in the slowest workout groups. Since college, my training has been intermittent, but, in general, I will race anything 5 ki luka doncic merch lometers or longer. After college, I worked at a running store for two and a half years and was a manager there for a year.

I currently work as the director of a small educational non-profit that provides better educational opportunities to high school boys of color from low-income families and write about baseball for Today's Knuckleball and the Phillies for SB Nation's The Good Phight. My current running goals are focused on training for the Vermont City Marathon on Memorial Day weekend.

Caleb Childers

I am joined by Caleb Childers. Caleb is a teacher who writes in his free time, currently for Banners on the Parkway, SB Nation's blog for Xavier University sports. An a st louis cardinals mlb jersey cardinals lumni of Xavier University, Caleb wrote for the Xavier Newswire, where he covered track and field along with cross country. He has been a runner since high school, and he races anything between 5ks and marathons. Currently, Caleb is training for his fifth marathon and trying to decide whether Serial or Reply All is the better podcast to listen to on long runs. Caleb is excited to join the Stride Nation site and provide coverage of running at all levels, from the pros and college down to the amateurs.

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We're the ones writing foNFL Home and Office Decor r the site, but we're only one part of the community we hope to create at Stride Nation. The other part, of course, is you, the reader. We're excited to have you andNBA Hats would like to get to know you better. So, please introduce yourselves in the comments. You can share anything you'd like, but I ask that you also share the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on a run.

We're excited to start this project, starting now. Expect daily coverage and commentary on running and track and field to begin later this week with a full launch of coverage of the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships this weekend. Welcome back! We hope you'll join us for the long run.

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